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created: 11th August 2019

Moving from Sommerau Castle to Obernburg

For more than ten years, Harald Germer had his summer studio in Sommerau Castle. The spacious room enabled him to work with large canvases. Now, however, the renovation of the castle has begun and he has to get along with his studio in Kleinwallstadt again. Fortunately, Harald Germer has a "showroom" at Römerstrasse 1 in Obernburg at his disposal for some time. This helps to accommodate the numerous large paintings. In addition, the shop windows also provide an insight for those interested.


created: 4th Dezember 2018

New Works

As a contrast to the large-format works, Germer created so called “tableaux” last year, which are composed of many often very small paintings, sculptures and calligraphies. Here you can find two of those works.


Melencolia II refers to an enigmatic engraving of Albrecht Dürer, named Melencolia I. Germer, as all of Dürer’s ancestors, has no explanation for this cryptic masterpiece, but had fun playing with the themes, even deepening the mystery.


“High priestess” joins a sculpture from the 90s with a newly designed presentation. The woman with the moon crescent as a crown – why should the "Sky Disc of Nebra" have belonged to a chieftain and not to a priestess?

created: 4th Dezember 2018

The glass panes of Breitenbach


To the delight of the many visitors, the four stained glass windows of the pilgrimage church of Breitenbach, created by Harald Germer, have been cleaned of the strange encrustations and can be seen again in all their splendor to match the St. Wendelinus pilgrimage.

created: 4th Dezember 2018

Lower Franconian Festival Amorbach

During the festival Harald Germer presented his artworks in “The Blue House”. There were some of the new tableaux, paintings and graphics of recent years on display.



created: 4th Dezember 2018

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